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As an experienced photographer I understands what images succeed in the highly competitive modelling industry. We know It takes more than just being attractive—it requires a look that commands attention. That's what companies want and that's what our photography and experience can help you achieve.

We don't just point and click!

We can work with you throughout the process to find a look that is right for you. Then, we will take the pictures that agents and agencies won't be able to put down.

Our modelling portfolio packages include:

  • Children's Portfolio
  • Pre-Teen Portfolio
  • Introductory Session
  • Popular Adult Portfolio
  • Assassin's Ultimate Portfolio

Three Tips for Building Your Modelling Portfolio

Whether you are looking for your first modelling job or ready to advance your career to the next level, putting together a stand out modelling portfolio will help you excel. Understanding how to create an effective portfolio will help you show off your skills throughout the course of your modelling career.

  1. Include Variety: Potential employers want to see how well you work in a wide range of conditions. Rather than filling your modelling portfolio with a number of shots in the same lighting, outfits, and makeup, select a variety of shots that feature different settings, different clothing, and different looks.
  2. Use These Basic Shots: The key to creating an interesting and sellable modelling portfolio is to include different types of shots. At its most basic, your modeling portfolio should have one headshot and one full length shot. If you are trying to work in a particular niche of the modeling industry, such as swimwear or sports clothing, include at least one shot of you wearing this type of clothing as well.
  3. Consider Photo Order: The order of the photos in your modelling portfolio can matter as much as their quality. Modelling headshots should always be at the front of the portfolio so that your face is the first thing visible when your portfolio is opened.

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  • Helmi @ Malabar Battery 068
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  • Model Portfolio Head shot
  • Model Portfolio beach shoots
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  • On location shoots
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As a model, your most basic and powerful tool is your modelling portfolio. High-quality modelling portraits will show your employers the look and style you can bring to their next modelling project. Assassin Photography specialises in fashion photography, portrait photography, and model headshots throughout Sydney & NSW to help you achieve greater success through a comprehensive and attention-grabbing portfolio.

Your modelling portraits are the first thing potential employers will see when considering you for a job. In many cases, these photos often must speak for themselves—most agencies will first examine modelling portraits to narrow down their choices before moving on to the next stage of hiring. Thus, it's imperative to work with an experienced photographer to put together a set of great modelling portraits that will sell your talent based on images alone. The shots you include in your modelling portfolio should be designed to sell you and your look, rather than the specifics of the clothing, makeup, or hairstyle you are wearing. Selecting the very best modelling portraits to accomplish this task in a simple and straightforward way will please potential employers and show them exactly the look and skills you have to offer